Goal 3: To have an engaging, differentiated, and aligned curricular program

Personnel Responsible
Due Date
Increase capacity to differentiate instruction in literacy and math in all classrooms
Administration, literacy and math curriculum leaders, all staff
-Materials that show differentiation planning and implementation in all classrooms
-Growth (measured by MAP and other assessments) of all students, with additional analysis of students who are at either end of the achievement continuum
-Use of and success with additional extension resources in math
PD for literacy/math curriculum leaders
Adequate leveled texts, content area reading materials, and mentor texts to foster growth of all readers along a gradient of text difficulty.
Begin Fall ‘11
Fully implement Teachers College Reading and Writing Projecti reading and writing workshop model practices and Units of Study.
Administration, literacy curriculum leader, all staff
-Increase in achievement scores in literacy (formative reading records and conferring record keeping, student reading logs, grade level benchmark progress, Writing Prompts, MCAS, MAP)
-Units of Study planned monthly in reading and writing and implemented at each grade level with differentiation for strategic instruction (conferring record keeping notes, differentiated small group plans, anchor charts).
-Evidence of differentiated products of learning displayed throughout the school
-Parent newsletter to include information on the curriculum and instructional model
-Cycles of staff development for inquiry and collaboration of literacy curriculum leader and staff members to develop workshop practices and repertoire of differentiated teaching methods through coaching and peer observations.
PD from Teacher’s College, time
Apply for Affiliate Status for Crocker Farm School with Teachers College Reading and Writing Project
Begin Fall ‘11
Fully implement the recommendations in the Math Program Review presented by the Curriculum Director in spring ‘11
Administration, math curriculum leader, all staff
-Achievement scores (MCAS, MAP)
-Follow-up on recommendations of the textbook review committee
-Records and data on the implementation of adding more skills review work into the curriculum
-Notes from coaching meetings between the math curriculum leader and staff members
PD (TBD depending on textbook decision)
Fall ‘11
Provide math instruction and interventions that are specifically tailored to ELL students based on achievement data
Administration, math curriculum leader
-Growth in achievement scores (MCAS, MAP) in that subgroup
-Assessments that are part of the intervention curriculum
-Consistent use of SIOP methodology in all math classrooms
The Language of Mathii intervention program, staff time
Fall ‘11
Build Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s)iii in each grade level and collaborative planning to increase consistency of student experience
Administration, all staff, administration, UMass partners
-Support PLC’s by developing norms of collaborative practice
-Identifying areas of professional practice for primary focus and attention
-Provide at least one faculty meeting to deepen understanding of how PLC’s function
-Increase the number of peer observations both inside and outside of Crocker Farm
Professional Development, weekly meeting time, subs for coverage for peer observations
Begin in Fall ‘11
i This program is highly differentiated and uses the workshop model in both literacy domains.
ii The Language of Math program is an evidence-based intervention program specifically geared to ELL students, and it will also benefit non-ELL students with low language skills. The program is endorsed by WIDA, a national consortium focused on ELL students.
iii PLC stands for Professional Learning Communities. PLC’s are found where teachers in a school and its administrators continuously seek and share learning and then act on what they learn. The goal of their actions is to enhance their effectiveness as professionals so that students benefit from the adult collaboration and learning.
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