Goal 4: To meet the needs of the whole child by providing an inclusive and enriching experience

Personnel Responsible
Due Date
Increase the amount of co-teachingi classrooms in our school
Administration, ELL staff, SE staff, classroom teachers
-The number of students who receive ELL or SE services in the general education classroom
-Increasing achievement for students receiving ELL and SE as measured by the MCAS, the MEPA, and local assessments
Professional development on co-teaching, time (for staff to meet and plan curriculum and instruction together)
Began Fall ’10, continued in Fall ‘11
Expand the teaching of 21st century Media Skills in our school
Librarian, Technology Teacher, all staff
-Number of co-taught lessons in media skills (library/computer)
-Artifacts of student growth in media skills in K-6 students
-Collaboration that involves classroom teachers so that media skills are taught in a familiar context
-Use of technology throughout the school day to engage and aid instruction in classrooms
Commitment of staff, time for co-planning
Began Fall ’10, continued Fall ‘11
Expand Spanish by one grade level per year
Spanish teacher
-Number of students/grade levels who are involved in Spanish instruction
-Growth in language acquisition for students who are in their second year of Spanish instruction
Funding for Spanish program/material, master scheduling work
Began Fall ’10, continued Fall ‘11
Maintain and continue a strong commitment to the arts throughout the school
Administration, specialists, all staff
-Chorus participation
-Number of students taking instructional music lessons
-Number of students participating in Wednesday Clubsii
-Involvement of the arts and participation in community events
-Integration of arts in classrooms to aid instruction when appropriate
-Use of the Enhancement Block to integrate the arts
A focus on student achievement that does not prevent us from maintaining a whole-child approach
i Co-teaching is a situation in which two teachers share responsibility for the instruction and achievement of a group of students in a classroom.
ii Wednesday Clubs is a unique partnership between the Parent-Guardian Organization, LSSE, and the school to provide additional structured activities after the early release on Wednesdays, particularly during the winter months.
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